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Unicorns vs Tardigrades?  You might think we’re talking about a fantasy sci-fi podcast here, but TIG Talks is 100% business – and serious about helping emerging brands grow.

We hear about “unicorns” in the business world all the time.  But tardigrades?  Let TIG Talks host Elliot Begoun define that for you: Nimble, Capital-Efficient, Resilient Brands.

What makes this show a bit different is that episodes are taped in front of a live virtual audience and each interview takes listener questions unfiltered.  Topics range from branding, to ecommerce, to legal challenges, to collaboration, to attracting investors and so much more.

Elliot asks insightful questions, his guests have true expertise in their areas, and even as it 

tackles real-world challenges it’s got an encouraging spin for any emerging brand or business owner looking for serious help to grow.

And it’s got an interesting back story, too: 

“When COVID tipped the world on its axis, I wanted to be there to serve, to lend a steady hand… I am proud of what we’ve done. We launched a podcast (TIG Talks) to provide founders with actionable information in a format where their questions guide the conversation. 

I’ve had the profound honor of being alongside many who have done a fantastic job adapting and have shown so much resilience. This year has been challenging, scary, and sad in so many ways. At least, I can honestly say that I did not let this crisis go to waste.”

TIG Talks is 46 episodes in and I’ll be listening to see what’s next.  Put this one on your playlist.


May 2021 Podcast

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