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Thespis in the Green Room: A Podcast is a show covering local, national, and international topics in theatre, performing arts, and the business of show. Hosted by Melanie Ann Wiliford and Bruce Meahl, it’s a fantastic deep dive into the art and business of producing, acting in, and celebrating the theatre. 

Production and sound quality are great, and the selection of guests and topics will keep anyone who has a passion for the theatre and thespians highly engaged and entertained. The show format features a mix of interviews and topic-centered chats between the hosts about industry news, awards, and seasonal events, with occasional episodes featuring one of the hosts.

Thespians and theatre lovers will enjoy hearing from a member of the cast of Hamilton, tuning in to an interview with a Burlesque artist, and/or listening to the report of a stage manager from their trip to a theatre conference convention. 

Theatre is of course one industry that has been hit hard by the Covid19 pandemic. With Broadway still closed at the time of this writing, there are a lot of questions around how and when the industry will come back and hit the boards again to deliver great performances to packed audiences. Time will tell, but until then, you can tune in to hear the latest on this show.


July 2020 Issue

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