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With over 75 million downloads, this is one of the world’s top podcasts. 

Host Rich Roll is an ultra-endurance athlete and author of Finding Ultra—a book about his journey to becoming one of the world’s fittest men. The podcast picks up where his book finished and could never go. Having written Awaken Your Alpha and using podcasting as a tool for future book research myself, I can definitely relate to that. 

I have not been a long-time listener, but I can say Rich is a thoughtful and curious interviewer who brings on fascinating guests. Browsing the thousands of reviews, I can see that listeners have been tuning in for years.

 However, there are recent mentions of a change in the “vibe” of the show. The common issue in many of the reviews relate to Rich’s “extreme” views and volume of advertising, sponsorship, and selling within the shows. 

You can’t blame the guy for making a living, but going too far will put many a listener off and keeps this review from being five stars. Hey, with a podcast of this size and success, you’re bound to get some criticism, right? It seems most listeners love the roots of this podcast, and don’t want it to stray too far from its origins! 

You have built something great over the last eight years, Rich. Great work!


August 2020 Issue

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