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Cybercrimes are on the rise. Cybercriminals attempt to gain illegal access to your computer system for the sole purpose of causing damage and harm. Cybercriminals steal your digital information and wreak havoc on your personal life. That’s why it’s imperative that you be aware and protect yourself.

The Online Fraudcast is hosted by Brett Johnson and Karisse Hendrick—both of whom are anti-cybercrime experts, but with very different experiences. 

Karisse has worked with hundreds of the world’s largest e-commerce and mobile companies to help them prevent payment fraud and other threats to their bottom line and customers. 

Brett, on the other hand, started his journey as an online fraudster, creating the first darknet forum for buying and selling credit cards. He was responsible for creating the criminal enterprise that commits identity theft, credit card fraud, and many other online scams. 

But, after landing on the Secret Service’s Most Wanted List and serving time in prison, he’s been reformed, and now dedicates his career to helping consumers and online companies prevent fraud.

The Online Fraudcast has 67 episodes jampacked with useful information. Unfortunately, the podcast became a casualty of the pandemic, but you can still access the information to help protect yourself and your loved ones. I highly recommend this informational podcast.


June 2021 Issue

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