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This news-of-the-day podcast is short and to the point. It’s a popcorn-style rundown of the headlines, which is great if you are super busy and don’t have much time to stay updated. And headlines are usually all you get. 

But occasionally, despite the show’s description maintaining that they provide only the truth and zero commentary, there is the occasional moment where host Derek O’Shea goes off on a tangent with his thoughts related to the headline. There is no transition to the next headline when that occurs, and it feels like he is rushing back to the news to throw you off from thinking about what he said about the previous story. You are left trying to figure out how what he is saying relates to the previous headline, and the whole flow of the show seems disjointed. 

The Friday recap dives into a few stories of the week with more detail and includes some interesting nuggets. Still, O’Shea tends to ramble with his personal introspection about how these stories may be glossed over in the main media.

He injects a history-of-the-day feature, as well, which is just a fun fact to close the news. Then, he ends the show with a full minute of requests to share the show. If you stop listening after the history lesson, you will have the headlines he feels are relevant for the day in about two minutes.


March 2020 Issue

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