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The Launchcast is a long-form conversation podcast hosted by entrepreneur and TEDx speaker/organizer George Andriopoulos. I first met George six months ago when I interviewed him about his role as a TEDx event organizer for my TalkXcelerator podcast. He told me then that curating a TEDx event has provided him with an acute understanding of how showcasing leadership to a big audience can create exponential change. His entrepreneurial spirit shining through, he has since launched this new weekly podcast featuring guest interviews on all things related to leadership, business, life, growth, and everything in between. The Launchcast is equally at home in the business/entrepreneurship category as it is in the education category.  

A relatively new show, the episodes vary in length from 30, 60, and 90 minutes to over two hours. Many are recorded live in a studio rather than over the internet (as I do with the majority of my shows).

As George puts it:

“I’m focusing on learning the journey to leadership some of the amazing leaders I interview go through. If you laugh, cry, and think through each episode, then I’ve done my job.” 

I can best describe George’s interview style as a ‘leadership-minded’ version of a Howard Stern-style interview. 

I’m confident I’ll give this show an even better rating once it’s been around a little longer to prove its consistency.  So far, great work George. The goal of creating NEW leaders is definitely an idea worth sharing!

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