Snapped: Women Who Murder

Under The Radar: Snapped

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“Let’s watch a Snapped!” 

I think I have heard that suggestion from my wife at least two dozen times. As we are both big fans of true crime, we have quite a few shows from the category on our DVR. 

I enjoy Snapped too, but am a little uneasy about her enthusiasm for the show since it’s almost always about a woman who has killed her husband or boyfriend. Therefore, when she makes that suggestion, I usually respond sheepishly… “Are you trying to figure out the best way of getting rid of me?”

Now that Snapped is also available as a podcast, women all over the world can listen to the popular true-crime show while driving, exercising, and cooking. Hopefully, they won’t be listening while doing the last activity and chopping vegetables with a very large knife!

And, yes, to all the men out there, feel free to listen as well. Personally, after listening to the first six episodes, I found that Snapped transfers very well to this medium. I even discovered I had missed a few aspects of the TV version of a particular case. 

So, I recommend giving Snapped a listen. Whether you tell your wife about it or not is up to you.

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