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I have been following a keto lifestyle for five years. My husband and I are keto 90% of the year, and we only take breaks during holidays or very special occasions. We both began the keto journey as a lifestyle change to food addiction and its results.

“Eating keto” means eating a low-carb, high-fat diet by macros. It is somewhat controversial, because medical research results show benefits and hazards.

The host of The Keto Diet Podcast is holistic nutritionist Leanne Vogel. She is also the author of three books including Keto for Women and two in a series titled The Keto Diet

Four years and 292 episodes in, The Keto Diet Podcast’s primary audience is women. The podcast provides insightful conversations, practical nutrition advice, and interviews with health professionals from diverse fields. It covers every topic imaginable in regard to the health and well-being of our bodies and offers suggestions for health monitoring, supplementation, hormonal changes, fasting, exercise, and mindset. 

This podcast will appeal to beginners who want to explore the keto diet as well as for those have been following it for years. The episodes that address self-image and mental health issues that can be related to inflammation and food allergies are particularly interesting as guests explore the whole body and the brain-gut connection.


February 2021 Issue

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