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With Valentine’s Day drawing near, there couldn’t be a more perfect podcast for readers to discover now than Love Works with Nicole Moore.

For the past nine years, Nicole has built her brand around love. Considering herself a Celebrity Love and Relationship Coach, she says: 

“I work with women and couples who have been on reality TV or dating shows. I basically coach them to heal whatever might be preventing them from having a happy, healthy, love life. And really, 99% of people have healing to do. Over the past nine years, I’ve really built a ‘love education company.’”

After seven years in business and growing her audience via YouTube, her newsletter, and countless webinars, Nicole realized that the advice she was sharing would be perfect for a podcast. 

“The thing is, you get to be yourself in love! You get to have the right kind of person in your life, and you get to have a really great love life. Since I already loved listening to podcasts, it seemed like a perfect transition for me to spread that message. The really cool thing about podcasting is that it engaged my audience immediately.”

Now, Nicole wasn’t always “lucky in love,” which means she can really relate to her listeners. 

“Honestly, love is the area in which I have suffered the most in my life. When I was a kid, I felt very unloved, like many people do. I had horrible self-esteem, and my dating life was horrible. I went through a lot of pain. I literally remember waking up one day and saying to myself, “Enough, I’m going to figure out how to make this love thing work in my life.” I had that conversation with myself. I asked myself what I needed to heal within myself. And I realized the issue was me. It was my emotions, my mindset, my reactions. I dove deep into studying myself—journaling, meditating, and reading. I even traveled to the jungles of Peru on a spiritual quest.”

When Nicole decided to launch her business, she learned more valuable lessons about love in her own life. She recalls: 

“I noticed that everyone—every single woman who came my way—wanted to talk about love. At the time, I was in a relationship with someone who I thought was a soulmate, but he was not. He ended up being the bad guy, but in the end, he also helped me realize my own issues. Love became a big focus of my life.”

While simultaneously working on her own issues around love and building her business, Nicole remembers how she came to “niche down”: 

“I decided I wanted to work with celebrities because the primary goal was to spread my message as widely as possible. I knew if I could get the biggest influencers on the planet to have an awareness around the importance of working on loving relationships, then they could help me spread my message much more quickly and broadly than I could do on my own. So, I started putting myself in places where celebrities hung out, and I started networking. I manifested… I know that sounds esoteric, but it was an intentional decision that this was where my career was going.”

Nicole got her first break during an event she attended to provide celebrities with readings via her Love Oracle deck. 

“I met a woman from a Netflix show. She came up to me and exclaimed, ‘Oh, my God, I was looking for a love coach!’ It was a serendipitous moment, and I was right there. I got her contact information, and that’s how everything began. I would say proximity matters. I learned that I couldn’t be afraid to share my gifts, and I had to know my value and worth. I had to own what I had to offer.”

And Nicole’s efforts paid off. She is now married and a proud mother of a four-year-old son, who provides her with plenty of opportunities to practice calling love into their relationship and being a positive role model.

Recently, Nicole joined the new app Clubhouse to begin sharing value as a speaker. She attended a Clubhouse casting call and has since been informed that she is a winner, which means she will have her own streaming TV show! 

“I was prepared: I had filmed my TV reels; I had my one sheet; I had the pitch deck. I sent it to them, and it was all in alignment, because I was already planning to get picked up by a show or create my own this year.” Nicole also has plans for a book in 2021.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s messaging in her podcast has opened up to include topics around archetypes, mindset and personal growth, and mindfulness. It also offers meditations set to binaural music. Her dream guests include Justin and Hailey Bieber, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim and Kloe Kardashian.

In the spirit of this month’s holiday, Nicole offers the following wisdom to all love seekers: 

“The patterns of love are fascinating. Love is the answer. I know it sounds corny, but fear is the block, and love is the answer. Nobody is bad at love. Nobody doesn’t know how to love. It’s just we have these patterns that need to be shifted, so that we can receive more love into our lives.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 2021 Issue

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