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Janet Lansbury Unruffled offers everything I look for in a podcast: engaging content, high-quality, elegant sound, and a host with an endearing voice. Even the intro music, featuring an acoustic guitar, is beautiful and soothing. Best of all, Janet’s voice is consistently sweet and soft, yet powerful and authoritative in every episode. 

Her podcast stood out to me because it is unlike most parenting podcasts, which seem to emerge from the place of the parent being right, implying that the kid is wrong. How can that be when children don’t even know what they don’t know? It’s super important to learn about children’s behavior and understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, rather than overreacting.

In a recent episode, Janet discusses the topic of saying no from the child’s perspective. She explains that children say “no” when they realize you’re not giving them something. By saying “no,” they get more attention from you, which builds a habit. The more times they say “no,” the more the habit gets solidified. 

I can vouch for the significance of breaking these habits and patterns, because this is the type of work we do in our coaching business. It’s the only way to prevent getting the same result when you’re expecting a different one. 

This is a simple, clean podcast that’s worth a listen. 


November 2020 Issue

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