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Imagine a world where the pandemic isn’t a virus that affects everyone, but rather an epidemic of women who turn into dragons.

Dragons who eat men.

That’s the premise of The Dragoning, the first audio drama podcast from The Messenger Theatre Company.

As the name implies, The Messenger Theatre Company focused on the theatre until 2020, when all live stage productions were shut down. The founders then decided to pivot, using the time to create an audio drama where the actors recorded their lines at home. Because of this, there’s less interaction between the actors than a lot of audio dramas out there, and more monologues.

It also makes sense that their first fiction podcast would also be a fantastical version of the pandemic.

The Dragoning turns the idea of men preying upon and protecting women on its head—here, women are the predators as well as the protectors. There is a lot of interesting social commentary and twists around how women might use their newfound power in less-than-helpful ways—how they might be more inclined to be catty and gossipy, and how that could also lead to a lot of fire, destruction, and death.

If you’re looking for something a little different in your next audio drama, I would definitely check out The Dragoning.


June 2021 Issue

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