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The Ringer—a network filled with standout shows—takes podcast-creation seriously. Their podcast, The Big Picture hosted by Sean Fennessey, is no exception. With over 400 episodes in their library, it has a lot to offer listeners.

The Big Picture takes a unique approach to all things cinema. While many podcasts about the film industry take either a generalist or niche approach to the content they create, this show does things differently—they craft a show for their fans.

Each episode is unique, fun, and focused. They may cover the ‘winners’ bracket’ of best films of a specific year, or explore a specific actor’s movies—like Clint Eastwood. You will catch episodes that dive into recent film festivals and the new films they showed.

It may appear that the show is a random hodgepodge of generic topics, genres, and aspects of the film industry. Instead, it offers you a unique and deeper look into what has happened and is happening in film culture. For example, the show does a mini-series of episodes exploring movie critics Gene and Roger.

What makes this show incredible is both the breadth and depth that The Big Picture offers listeners. If you love movies, you need to check out this show.


October 2021 Issue

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