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What should future schools look like? How do brains learn? These are the sorts of questions presented in the TED Talks Education podcast. And you hear from some great educators, researchers, and community leaders as they share their big ideas for future schools and learning. This is primarily a video podcast taken from talks presented onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events, or partner events.

 If a podcast review came down to purely content, this would score highly. I am a big TED fan who helps aspiring TEDx speakers land and prepare for their talk. However, as a podcaster, I cannot score it high for these reasons: 

 This is a long-running podcast (first episode December 2011). However, consistency is important, and I couldn’t get a handle on their episode release strategy. Releases vary from once a month to every other month and everything between. As of now, the last episode released was two months ago. 

 With the huge pool of great content and resources to pull from, I do not fully understand why the consistency is not there.

 Commit to it properly, or don’t. With there being at least 13+ different podcasts from the TED platform, maybe this is not a priority for them. Still, it’s a good podcast to browse through, but realistically, you’d be better off consuming your TED content on YouTube! 


September 2021 Issue

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