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Sports Card investing is not for the kid discovering their first sports heroes.  This podcast is for heavy duty, serious sports card investors or those wanting to become investors.  The Sports Card Investor podcast, hosted by Geoff Wilson, takes a data driven approach to investing in the cards. Geoff started collecting as a kid then stopped as he got older. Now, his son is “into” cards which reinvigorated his interest in the cards. As an entrepreneur, he focuses this hobby into the investment side of collecting. 

The podcast is very thorough and covers the various sports’ sports cards. Not being a collector, most of the data was lost on me. Geoff records his podcast in conjunction with his YouTube videos, and for the most part, this translates well. The disconnect comes when he shows graphs on his videos but fails to  explain the graphs for his podcast audience. A common mistake that would be easily corrected by describing the graphs in more detail. 

Sports card investors would be well served to listen (or watch) the podcast. I was interested enough to listen to several episodes. Most are a quick listen but Geoff occasionally ventures into the longer podcasts that require more of a time commitment. 

I recommend this podcast for the card collector that is ready to make the turn to sports card investing. The commitment to the investment is well worth it. 


November 2020 Issue

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