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Michael Moore is probably best known for his documentary, Bowling for Columbine, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2002. Michael has been involved in 13 documentaries and has written/co-written eight non-fiction books.

Within one year, Michael has 156 recorded episodes of Rumble With Michael Moore. He utilizes Facebook Live for some of them, and they are all timely. For example, Michael has published five episodes since the January 6 riot at the Capitol—the first of which was captured just four hours into the riot. Michael provides a detailed account of the experience of his long-time friend, a Congressman from Flint, Michigan, and his live commentary is both shocking and heart-wrenching.  

Michael appears to have access to guests others may not, which is probably due to his years spent deep diving into new stories and building relationships as a journalist. 

At times, Michael offers up satire and certainly lives up to his reputation as a political provocateur. There are other episodes in which Michael is more personal and doesn’t include political commentary. He does have a long history of examining American politics, and his storytelling style makes for compelling episodes.

Fans of his documentaries will appreciate this podcast for Michael’s timely, raw commentary. If you aren’t a fan, you most definitely will not.


February 2021 Issue

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