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If you are a beginning real estate investor, or thinking about hopping on the bandwagon, this podcast is for you. 

Hosts Tony J. Robinson and Ashley Kehr break down the basics of investment properties—everything from the more “traditional” types of investments to the new short-term rental market (think AirBNB type rentals). From creative financing to partnerships to finding the ideal tenant, this podcast has it all. 

Tony and Ashley complement each other nicely. Both have impressive investment portfolios, though they vary in type. Ashley leans more toward commercial and residential investments, while Tony’s portfolio consists of short-term rentals. This real-life experience and their shared ability to discuss complex matters in a simple way makes the podcast ideal for the beginning investor. 

A segment I particularly enjoyed is “Rookie Reply.” These are shorter episodes—typically around 20 minutes or so—wherein they answer listener’s questions. You’ll usually find them about every other episode. Between the feature episodes and the Rookie Reply episodes, this podcast is a beginner’s course in real estate that every future or new investor should listen to.


September 2022 Issue

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