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I have particularly enjoyed the professional approach the hosts of Real Crime Profile bring to the cases given their expertise and backgrounds: Jim Clemente, a former FBI profiler, Laura Richards, a criminal behavioral analyst and advocate who worked for New Scotland Yard’s Homicide Prevention Unit and Violent Crime Intelligence and Analysis Unit, and Lisa Zambetti, a Casting Director for CBS’ hit drama Criminal Minds.

Given their recent coverage of the George Floyd case, as well as their episodes on the topic of Examining Race and Police Conflicts, I had to give them a mention. The hosts did an admirable job of covering the facts as well as the need for change, especially in policing, while also being respectful to the many honorable men and women within the law-enforcement profession. 

There are times when emotion and opinion do overshadow facts on the show. However, it wouldn’t be a good podcast without those elements. Besides, who doesn’t get emotional when breaking down Tiger King?!

Most importantly, without emotion and opinion, you wouldn’t have poignant quotes like this one from Jim Clemente in Episode 259: “The rhetoric, in my mind, must change to be inclusive and all encompassing. Every human has the responsibility to make sure nothing is happening to hurt other human beings.” 

Well said, Jim. And well done, to all involved in Real Crime Profile.


August 2020 Issue

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