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Play, Watch, Listen is a newer podcast with around 50 episodes released. It’s interesting… four principals in the video gaming industry come together to make a podcast. Alanah Pearce (games media), Troy Baker (voice actor), Mike Bithell (game director), and Austin Wintory (game composer) discuss, mull, and ponder games from the “play, watch, and listen” point of view. 

Which really means, they can talk about anything! 

They bring to the podcast insider information from the games industry and unique perspectives to the podcast depending on their various roles. They discuss, disagree, and banter back and forth, and it’s often lively, professional, and funny with some irreverence thrown in. 

I particularly enjoyed the episodes about the way things “really work.” One of the earlier episodes spoke about why games are delayed and gave us an inside look into game awards. They have episodes that delve into their various roles in the industry and share what these roles really accomplish. (I’m not a Star Wars fan, so I tend to tune out the Star Wars talk.) 

At first, the episodes were released monthly, but since mid-March of 2020, they’ve been releasing about one a week. I guess they used the lockdown time to full advantage.

Overall, Play, Watch, Listen is a good listen if you are into games. Sit back and get ready to impress your gaming friends with all your inside scoop knowledge!


December 2020 Issue

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