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In the Plant Positive podcast, Australian personal trainer, animal rights activist, and vegan health coach Kate Galli talks all about living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, and importantly, she focuses purely on the positives! 

Kate is vegan for ethical reasons, but makes it clear that she is not trying to convince, convert, or judge anyone else. She simply shares what prompted her to adopt her lifestyle in case it’s of value to listeners on their journey. 

Her intention with Plant Positive was to show how simple, sustainable, and delicious a plant lifestyle can be by providing weekly training tips, motivation, and eating and exercise inspiration. It’s a chance to connect with the wins, the progress, and everything there is to feel grateful for.

She’s authentic in sharing the difficulties and challenges along the way, yet manages to present them in a positive light. 

In the final episode of Season 1, Kate shared a few early 2021 takeaways and directed listeners to her main show, The Healthification Podcast (see this month’s OTC). 

“Sometimes, true strength and wisdom is knowing when it’s the right time to walk away,” she explained. As much as she loved the podcast, the downloads didn’t warrant the time, energy, and expense invested. Thus, Kate has stopped releasing new episodes, but with enough demand, said she could be back. Let’s bring back Plant Positive!


August 2021 Issue

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