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Tune in for travel hacks from the inside of Expedia—one of the biggest online travel shopping companies. Learn how to plan your trips for maximum enjoyment and get the biggest bang for your buck. 

The travel industry took a massive hit from the pandemic and is still navigating the “new normal” of travel. Many people who may have simply just jumped online and bought tickets at the drop of the hat in the past are now hesitant to travel, so they are much more mindful about the process. 

If you are one of them and thinking about making a trip, you likely want to be well-informed while feeling both supported and equipped with the “inside scoop.”

Hosted by Global Head of Social Media and Influencer Engagement for Expedia Group, Nisreene Atassi, along with Expedia travel experts Christie Hudson and Adam Francis, the show launched in September of 2019 and includes episodes about traveling to national parks, an interview with the Astrotwins about what to watch out for when traveling during Mercury retrograde, a breakdown of how Airbnb and hotel pricing works, and how to maximize points and book great travel deals on Black Friday with the “Points Guy.” 

Even if you aren’t feeling quite ready to travel, this show will give you a whole lot to daydream about until the time comes for you to venture forth again!


March 2022 Issue

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