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In honor of Veterans Day, I am privileged to take a closer look at Military True Crime Addict. The host, David, is a military veteran who started this podcast not only for his interest in true crime, but also to help with his own PTSD. 

The show covers crime relating to actual life events of military personal, veterans, family members, and those associated with the military. Many of the stories featured are not mainstream accounts reported by news outlets or media. 

A couple of the more intriguing episodes are “The North Pole Serial Killer” and the “Letter from Home.” The latter is particularly disturbing, in that someone would take advantage of one of our soldiers serving overseas. 

Most true-crime fans will enjoy this podcast, even if not associated with the military. Of course, you will find coverage of the usual topics—assault, harassment, sexual preference, abuse of power, murder, hazing, and more. 

More so than the true crime itself, I appreciate the highlighting of the Soldier/Veteran of the Month, which you can find on the podcast’s website. There, they also provide the Veterans Crisis Line for those in need: 1-800-273-8255.

To David and everyone else who has served our country—a sincere and heartfelt thank you. I personally appreciate your service.


November 2021 Issue

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