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UTR: In Machines we Trust

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When I think “technology research,” one of the first places that comes to mind is MIT. For years, the MIT Technology Review has been one of the preeminent magazines/e-zines for sharing what is going on in technology, the behind the scenes, and the things you don’t know but should be thinking about. In September, the folks behind MIT Technology Review launched their podcast, Machines We Trust

I am still trying to figure this show out. I want to love it because the articles in the written editions are outstanding. I am not there yet with the podcast. It feels like it is produced from content created while researching the written edition. Audio clips are looped in with commentary from the host and each part has a different sound quality. 

Perhaps I just like interview-style shows that feel less scripted. When I listen to the episodes from their EmTech Stage events, they feel as if they have more authenticity and connection to them. One of the things that stands out on those is also the sound. It is consistent.

This podcast has enormous potential to showcase a unique voice in the category. I’d love to see students get involved, have more “in-person” episodes, and not just give the feel of re-purposing content from the written platform. Go beyond the written and give us the human voice we love in podcasting.

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