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The presenter of the History of the Germans Podcast, Dirk Hoffmann-Becking, has a wonderfully wry and dry German sense of humor that immediately captivates as he takes his listeners on the ever-fascinating ride through the history of the Germans. 

The story starts around 919, when events are still comparatively linear. It is all about domestic consolidation, defense against Vikings and Magyars, and the acquisition of Italy.

 The seasons are divided up according to the dominant dynasties: the Ottonians, the Salians, and the Hohenstaufens. The upcoming season will look at the Hanse and the Teutonic Knights, who are always fun! After that, the plan is to take a more thematic approach. 

To honor this issue’s focus on dads, there are some great father-and-son tales to explore, as well, but none that should really serve as models for modern-day fatherhood. We have, for example, Liudolf, who revolted against his father, Otto the Great, when he felt threatened by the birth of a half-brother. Worse still, we have Henry V, who tricked his father into relinquishing his throne. (Henry IV was, to a large extent, the architect of his own failings, including marrying a much younger woman.)

This is an enjoyable podcast that promises much to look forward to in the future.


June 2022 Issue

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