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Wondery’s newest podcast, Fighting Coronavirus, began in March as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The host, Steven Johnson, is also the author of eleven books and host of the PBS series “How We Got To Now” and of the podcast American Innovations.

Steven is no stranger to sharing information about the history of health and medicine and the intersections of technology and society. In his blog, he writes, “Today, we find ourselves in a global health crisis that… presents new challenges to society on every level, from existential threat to… economic catastrophe… to the toll on our sanity.”

Considering how his book, The Ghost Map, is a deep-dive into the history of the cholera epidemic, I’d say Steven is uniquely qualified to examine the COVID-19 pandemic.

This podcast examines a broad range of topics over the initial four episodes, including the process involved in creating a vaccine, the concept of population density and its contribution to the growth of civilization, deciphering and understand the different forecasting models, and a website (covidnearyou.org) that is tracking public health data.

As today’s news focuses on the stock market and politics, it can be easy for socially isolated humans to lose hope… to lose sight of a bright side. This podcast shares resources and ideas that offer a fresh perspective on positive change. 

May 2020 Issue

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