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Hosts Sean Washington and Rockwell Schrock talk all things web development and it is obvious they love what they do and have a deep knowledge. Stick with the show past the initial opening because it is not always crystal clear what the chosen topic is as the show starts even reading the episode description. They just dive right in without setup for the episode or the show. The show has a feel of two guys sitting in a room talking about their day and the challenges they faced working on their projects and their lives.

If I let go the need/want for a setup I found I really enjoyed listening to them talk about their day, their projects and their interactions with team members while working on code. They have a deep knowledge and explain code development in language that even novice or want-to-be developers can learn from.

The majority of the almost three hundred episodes are just the two hosts but occasionally they bring on a guest. I found myself jumping around from episode to episode, from newer to older, and I found useful and sometimes fun information and banter in every one. If I was a developer, I would be wanting to have this show on regular rotation.

Check out episode 177: Hiring is Hard. The hosts shared what they look for when hiring team members and how they go about making the hire decision.


August 2021 Issue

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