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Superior production quality is what makes Clever – A Podcast About Design truly stand out from the crowd in the ARTS Design subcategory. Created by Design Milk founder Jaime Derringer and designer and Emmy-Award-winning television personality Amy Devers back in 2016, the show features a vast array of episodes about design, including interviews with designers, founders, and visionary problem-solvers.

Check out the interview with the CEO of AirBnB for insight on how he went from aspiring to be an artist to finding his co-founder at Rhode Island School of Design. Tune in for the design aspects of the Biden-Harris Campaign with campaign creative director Robyn Kanner, who led the design team that imbued the ticket “with an uplifting sense of hopefulness that stressed reliability, inclusive values, and unification.” At Clever, you can immerse yourself in finding out about pioneering wearable technology, how design is helping to create change in gang-ravaged neighborhoods in El Salvadore, and deconstructing the success of New Zealand’s pandemic response and the role that design played in that.

The show features 150 episodes and periodically re-broadcasts from their archives. It is one of nine shows that are podcasting under the Airwave Media banner. 

One thing that would make this show even better would be fewer commercial shoutouts at the beginning as well as many more episodes to enjoy, considering it has been in production for five years.

October 2021 Issue

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