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Formerly the Love Island Cast podcast, Chris and Dave’s Reality Cast: Love Island is a true fan show full of laughter and cheeky comments.

Expect plenty of expletives in their weekly informal chats, with comical commentary that is so entertaining, you barely notice the coarse language that seems to roll off their tongues. 

If you’re a fan of reality TV, this podcast will feel like a rollicking good time. To date, they’ve covered the on-screen and off-screen happenings related to shows like Love Island (UK, USA and Australia), Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, Singletown, Labor of Love, and Married at First Sight UK (MAFS)

Chris is the original reality TV fan, while Dave was drawn in during the UK version of Love Island Season 5. The often have divergent views, but they share a love for poking fun at the ludicrous premises and ridiculous moments in each episode of a series. 

It is intriguing to hear them discuss how they form their individual impressions as they watch the shows separately, sometimes calling each other when they can’t wait to talk about a specific scene. As we listen to this hilarious duo, it’s ironic to learn just how unreal reality TV can be. 

If you want a frank dissection of awkward dialogue and everything else that reality TV serves up, don’t miss Chris and Dave’s Reality Cast: Love Island podcast.


August 2022 Issue

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