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When one thinks of podcasts about bees, naturally honey comes to mind. But in this case, honey is not just about the bees, it’s about the podcast itself. Sweet, thick and golden! 

Leigh Knott is the host of Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm, a podcast in it’s second season. The podcast speaks to the beginning beekeeper. Leigh is from Western North Carolina and her soft Southern voice is the first thing you notice. Leigh has a very soothing style and the podcast is so soothing. I picture a beautiful farm with a hammock for watching the bees. Yes, I know that’s not reality, but it’s my reality. 

For the beginning beekeeper, this is a trove of information, laid out in a very easy to understand manner. The first episodes begin with the simple, first steps and walks the listener through more complicated and advanced techniques and skills. 

Leigh has an easy to understand style and her explanations are short – with most podcasts being under 30 minutes. The podcast doesn’t overwhelm and try to squeeze too much information into an episode. 

As someone that knows nothing about beekeeping, this podcast makes me want to learn more. I highly recommend this podcast to all beekeepers. Whether you are an aspiring beekeeper, just starting out or have years of experience, this podcast truly has something for everyone. 


June 2021 Issue

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