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I would never have imagined that time travel, robots, and the dinosaur age could be combined cohesively in an entertaining way, yet Aaron’s World achieves it. In it, we follow the adventures of a little boy and his trusty computer companion as they explore the prehistoric world.

The cast of characters gets you fully absorbed in plots like a mission to stop an asteroid from crashing into Earth. Listeners are treated to a thrilling story, with music and sound effects that dramatically bring the action to life. The storylines and the kids’ acting are equally gripping. I can’t help but wonder who’s responsible for training them to portray the characters so believably.

A fusion of fantasy and science fiction, this podcast is chock full of suspense and a sense of wonderment, which is great for inspiring kids to use their imagination. 

The episodes, tied together by a story arc, grow and change over the years right along with Aaron, and it’s easy to detect those changes in each new season. The science information gets more detailed, episodes become longer, and the story deepens with new mysteries, twists, and characters. 

Although the production is quite polished, it retains the charm of stories that have sprung from a child’s imagination.

Aaron’s World is an exciting listening experience your child is sure to enjoy.


April 2021 Issue

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