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Trust your Intuition: ‘Let’s Start a Podcast Today!’

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As a licensed mental health counselor, Jill works with individuals in the arena of personal development counseling. In private practice for over eleven years, she has successfully guided thousands of clients toward stronger health and wellness and personal and professional transformation.

I wondered why Jill decided to start a podcast in 2020. Well, it turns out Jill also works with people to deepen their understanding of the language of energy and intuition—which is something she applied to a situation that was initiated by her husband one Saturday morning.

“‘I’m feeling you need to start a podcast,’ he said. I was like, ‘Yeah, alright. Maybe someday I’ll do that.’ And he said, ‘Nope. Today. We are going to set it up today.’ I said, ‘Ok.’”

They were not messing around. Trust Your Intuition: The Podcast actually launched the same day as that conversation—in fact, it was up and running about six hours later. From there, Jill began recording weekly. 

This was all at the end of March 2020, just as the pandemic began shutting everything down! Perfect timing, perhaps, since Jill’s passion is to help individuals see past the darkness in order to find the light. She is also an author of three books on the subject.

“We are in 38 countries now,” Jill said. “Podcasting felt like a natural progression to reach more people, and it really goes hand in hand with my work as an author.”

Of course, reflecting on 2020, I had to ask Jill what it was actually like to start a podcast right as the pandemic began.

“In knowing my clients and my readers, I knew there was a need for it—a need to shine a light. That is the topic of all of my books and now my podcast sessions. It’s all about overcoming the darkness within. It really was the perfect time to launch it. It just fit.”

As it is for many people starting or thinking about starting a podcast, Jill’s biggest challenge ended up being the technology. That said, it was not a barrier, as Jill enlisted someone more knowledgeable in that area to help her, which allowed her to really just dive in. In her own words, in the beginning, “It was okay.” She remembers how she used to read from a piece of paper in the earlier days before becoming more comfortable and evolving as a host.

“My husband noticed there was a point halfway where I really began to just talk,” she said.

Jill was very clear on her biggest positive so far on the podcasting journey, and was quick to share it:

“Sales of my books. It’s been amazing! The numbers and feedback have increased. It’s really just a testament to people connecting with what you have to say, and that’s the greatest compliment. It’s very humbling and a really great experience.”

In terms of strategy for the podcasting authors out there, Jill mentions her books in every introduction, and strives to relate something in the episode to her work. I agree this is a great way to do it, and something I continually apply in my Awaken Your Alpha podcast. So what other insights does Jill have for any aspiring podcaster-authors out there? 

“Everybody has something to say. Podcasting doesn’t have to be a daunting task.”

I loved hearing about the spontaneous origins of Jill’s Trust Your Intuition podcast. What a productive and rewarding way to spend a Saturday as lockdown swept the globe. Jill’s story proves that setting up a podcast doesn’t require weeks or months of tweaking to be perfect on launch day. In reality, making the decision to podcast and planning, creating, and launching it can all occur on the same day! Podcasting in this manner can really be fun, and it is a great way to put good work out into the world. We definitely need more of that! 

I asked Jill if there has been anything that has surprised her since starting Trust Your Intuition.

“Seeing people in all different countries listening. It is fascinating to me to go beyond the people here to all over the world. I can feel the energy and momentum of it!” 

At 35 episodes young varying from 11 to 39 minutes in length (the majority at the 20-minute range) at the time of this writing, Jill plans to continue to tweak as she goes. She will stay true to her message of overcoming darkness to find light by offering practical advice for doing so in order to take care of ourselves. This is a message that is always relevant, but undoubtedly even more so as we close out 2020 move into an unclear 2021.


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