CrimeCon: Where True-Crime Enthusiasts Need To Be

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From the beginning, Podcast Magazine® was created for the fans of podcasts. 

Our publication has a lot in common with CrimeCon, which took place April 29th through May 1st in Las Vegas this year, in that this event was clearly created for true-crime enthusiasts. 

The classification of CrimeCon attendees as “enthusiasts” rather than “fans” is very important. After all, is anyone other than an actual criminal really a “fan” of crime? 

The attendees of CrimeCon are invested in the heartache, the passion, and the small wins of true-crime cases. This is exemplified by the enthusiastic applause and cheers one hears during the first five minutes of the event as the convictions of murderers, criminals, and predators brought to justice in the past year are announced.

For the true-crime enthusiast, CrimeCon is the ultimate weekend. It’s not only a time for attendees to connect with some of their favorite true-crime-podcast hosts, but also for learning about new streaming services and documentary films as well as old favorites on TV, like Dateline.

Law & Crime, a “live trial network,” was present at CrimeCon. Whether you’re an enthusiast who prefers to watch, listen to, or read about true crime, they have something for you. Podcast Magazine had a chance to catch up with Cathy Russon, Executive Trial Producer.

“We put cameras in the courtroom, and we livestream them gavel to gavel with legal analysis,” Cathy explained. “So, it seemed natural to get into the world of true-crime podcasts, and we are now involved in several different shows.” 

Coptales and Cocktails is a perfect example of Law & Crime’s foray into the podcast world. “Sticks Larkin from Live PD had a relationship with Law & Crime founder, Dan Abrams, and when Live PD went off the air, podcasting was a perfect fit. He is law enforcement, and pro law enforcement, and that is what people wanted,” Cathy said. “So, we started the podcast, Coptales and Cocktails.”

CrimeCon certainly worked out for Cathy and her crew. 

“Today was crazy for Law & Crime,” Cathy commented in regard to the crowds that came to their table at CrimeCon. “We had people lining up to take pictures with Sgt. Larkin, and then he did a live Coptales and Cocktails episode from Podcast Row. The crowds were crazy! They were screaming and yelling. Day one was a total success!”

Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin wasn’t the only podcast host the attendees went crazy for. After breakfast on day two, the hosts of The Prosecutors, Alice and Brett, were joyously mobbed by six seemingly rabid fans who saw them on their way to grab muffins and coffee. But more on The Prosecutors in an upcoming Beyond the Microphone feature—watch for it!

Speaking of our publication, CrimeCon was an amazing opportunity to catch up with friends of the magazine who have been featured in the past, such as Margot from Military Murder, Robin Warder of The Trail Went Cold, Angeline Hartmann from Inside Crime, and Heather Ashley from Big Mad True Crime

Heather took a moment to share about her incredible experience at CrimeCon. “It’s been really nice to see people who actually listen to the podcast, because while you see screen names and numbers, it can be so dissociative. You want to know that real people listen to your podcast. Meeting them in person, you appreciate them so much. They appreciate you so much, and it feels like an equal partnership. Because the podcast would be absolutely nothing without the people who listen. Getting to know them is really awesome, and it is good for your mental health. They’re the ones who really get the case, or get on Google and demand that somebody do something about it.”

Without a doubt, the hosts on Podcast Row were just as excited as the attendees. There was no shortage of passion from anyone at CrimeCon, including Angeline Hartman, who was one of the speakers of what was quite possibly the most emotional session of the event, Stolen Babies: Crimes of Desire and Deception.

Unfortunately, that breakout had the tough draw of being up against Dateline 24/7: What’s Next for the True Crime Original. So, not as many attendees got to see it, as they packed the Dateline 24/7 ballroom for that hour. (And, yes, Keith Morrison received the biggest applause of the weekend.)

Given that Dateline is celebrating its 30-year anniversary, they probably deserve both the accolades and attention. It may even be considered the godfather of true crime, though there are probably a number of raving fans of Unsolved Mysteries who would argue that.

There were many podcasts in attendance doing things just as important and admirable as Dateline. You will be hearing about a number of them, including The Real Killer, LA Not So Confidential, Paradise After Dark, and many more in upcoming feature articles.

CrimeCon is definitely the place to be for true-crime enthusiasts as well as fans of the podcasts and their hosts, so they can connect in a way they wouldn’t otherwise. And, of course, for Podcast Magazine, who is privileged to cover the True Crime Category.


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