UTR: Monsters Among Us

It’s Halloween season, and even some of the most avid true-crime enthusiasts go from listening to cases about serial killers and missing persons to gravitating to stories about the paranormal. If that’s

Paradise is a Myth

During the Halloween season, many kids and adults alike enjoy dressing up as their favorite monsters. Those from older generations may gravitate toward traditional monsters, such as the Wolfman or Dracula. Those

Comedy Isn’t Funny Business

Just Ask Tom Simes Of The Business Of Comedy It’s easy to look at comedians, actors, screenwriters, and other professionals in the arts and assume how fun and glamorous it must be

UTR: The Stand Out CEO Show

  There are literally thousands of business podcasts. Some motivate, some inspire, and some educate. Many educational business podcasts are dry and, quite frankly, boring.  This podcast is not.  Host Brad Powell

Take The Leap

When life presents challenges, you can either stall or leap forward.  Colleen Biggs chose to leap—and LEAP, she did.  As host of the podcast Take the LEAP, Colleen uses her platform to

UTR: Two Dollar Late Fee

  Funny guys Zak Shaffer and Dustin Rubin are the hosts of the Two Dollar Late Fee podcast. They are so entertaining that every episode, we half-expect this voice acting and producing

Martini Giant

Three fun-loving friends who share the common bond of being industry professionals created the Martini Giant podcast for those who love movies as much as they do.  Chris Nichols has worked with