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Want to compare real-life mafia-boss Frank Costello with fictional Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather? Want to dig into the similarities of John Wayne Gacy and Stephen King’s It? Or maybe you are just emotionally spent after listening to an episode on the latest abduction covered by your favorite true-crime podcast, and you need a break—maybe something about your favorite Star Wars character Darth Vader, instead?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, Villains is your podcast. The simple title says it all, and this is a really fun show. 

Each episode dissects the greatest bad guys and gals from history and fiction by taking an in-depth look into what made them who they were. 

To that point, as a Chicago native, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode on Al Capone. As someone who prides himself on knowing much of the history of my hometown, I was happy to learn a few things about Capone’s life I didn’t know before.

The episodes on fictional characters go much deeper than surface level, as well. Villains uncovers the origins as well as the culture at the time of creation of antiheros.

So, if you want to hear more about the Grinch this holiday season and then learn about Virginia Hill, Queen of the Mob, without leaving the same podcast, Villains is your show.


December 2021 Issue

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