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There are multiple shows that mix true crime and wine, so why not true crime and beer? That’s exactly what True Crime Brewery does. 

Married couple Jill and physician Dick discuss true crime with a touch of heart and humor after Dick chooses and reviews a beer from the region where the crime occurred. While they do cover cases that are of the usual dark-and-gruesome tone as others in the category, Jill and Dick create a lighter aura of conversation.

Listening to True Crime Brewery is much like walking into a neighborhood bar and seeing the usual local couple who frequents the establishment. It just so happens that this duo wants to talk to you about murder, too. As with most local spots, many times you find the light and friendly conversation welcoming.

And, of course, if you are a beer aficionado, you will love being introduced to different brews at the beginning of each show. Much like you would find on a cooking show, Dick explains the taste and texture of the beer he’s chosen to help you understand the experience even though you may not be tasting it right then and there yourself.

As their tagline suggests, “Meet them at the quiet end of the bar” for a true-crime podcast that is a little lighter tone and different in texture.


January 2021 Issue

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