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The word “knitting” tends to conjure up images of a sweet grandmother in a rocking chair, cat by her feet, in front of a roaring fire, knitting needles in hand. In today’s day and age, though, nothing could be further from the truth! 

The Yarniacs Podcast certainly dispels that “old-lady” perception. Gayle and Sharleen are knitting best friends, wives, and moms who share a love of knitting and deliver a wealth of information in an engaging and lighthearted manner, making for an easy listen. 

Each episode begins with a “What Are You Wearing?” section—self-described as “yarn porn.” Here, they name the pattern designer and describe the yarns and patterns so well, the listener can visualize the scarves, sweaters, vests, etc. In addition to talking about knitting and all variations, they also discuss yarn and pattern organization, ways to repurpose yarn, and how to adjust and change patterns to fit body types. 

A clever addition to their format is the “stalking” portion of the podcast, during which Gayle and Sharleen talk about projects they are obsessing about. 

Recently celebrating its eighth anniversary, The Yarniacs Podcast releases a roughly hour-long new audio about every two weeks. 

If you knit, have thought about knitting, and/or haven’t knitted in a while and want to begin again, start enjoying the company of Gayle and Sharleen. They will inspire you to finish that project that’s been hanging around for months (or years), or at the very least, inspire you to visit your local yarn store!


April 2020 Issue

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