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This is an interesting podcast not because it’s hosted by an ever-changing team of travel agents, but because it’s hard to get a handle on it. The agency owner and primary host is Jamie Weitl, and for each episode, she brings in a different travel agent from the team. 

A good many of the podcast episodes center around the Orlando area and the main Disney World and Universal Studios-related attractions. There are some episodes on other places of interest, including Disneyland, Las Vegas, and some other general types of “favorites-based” episodes. 

Overall, I found it hard to get in a “flow” with the podcast for some reason—maybe because it skipped around so much. 

I do like the variety of different “voices” and experiences each agent bring to the podcast, and Jamie does a good job leading the discussions. Their different personalities and perspectives make the show fun and engaging, and I love the opening music. 

This podcast is less than a year old, and while it needs to tighten up just a bit, it’s still a good add to a playlist—especially if you are experiencing travel withdrawal or just want to start planning your next vacation.


November 2021 Issue

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