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Breaking news! There is a podcast that kids and adults alike may find informative and way more fun than television or radio news. The Ten News podcast provides 10 minutes of news and information for curious kids ages eight to 12. 

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, children can learn about what’s happening in the world while being brilliantly entertained. Host Bethany Van Delft is professional yet cheery and endearing, and Ryan Nerz’s interviews are compelling. 

From sports to science and pop culture, The Ten News reports on the stories children want to know more about. The show also breaks down complex topics to make them accessible to kids. Children get context for much-talked-about subjects, even controversial ones, and they hear inspiring stories of young people who are paving the way for positive change.

Each episode starts with fascinating topical information. In June, the focus was on the origins of Pride. Children can learn more about topics that are rarely discussed in detail, like the shortages that have occurred as a result of the pandemic and what has fueled some of them. 

The Trivia on The Ten segment is equally educational. Bethany shares intriguing facts about the people and animals known for extraordinary feats.

 Who knew that news for kids could be binge-worthy! Take a listen and prepare to be hooked.


August 2021 Issue

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