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After college, I took a job in Bloomington, IL, working for a company from which I thought I could start a career. I didn’t know anyone, so for fun, I took courses at the local community college. One of those courses was Russian History taught by an ex-Russian police officer from Moscow. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to learn from the guy who lived it. 

That’s why I’m writing about the HistoryExtra Podcast. I was listening to their January 15th episode and was going crazy inside. Like my community college courses, they interviewed Laurence Rees to compare and contrast Hitler and Stalin, since he has personally interviewed people who worked directly for each. There is no one closer to that part of history. 

It was so good, I actually went back and listened to a few parts twice. How often do you do that with a podcast?

In their December 28th episode, they take on a more recent topic: the historical Netflix TV show Bridgerton. But instead of throwing their two cents into the ring, they interview Hannah Greig, the historian and etiquette advisor to the show. 

If you more than love history—I’m talking, you want to see that the toothpicks on the table in the episode of Bridgerton are actually contemporary to the time frame—then HistoryExtra will keep you excited for a long time to come.


February 2021 Issue

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