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The podcast is described as “America’s leading higher education podcast. Dr. Joe Sallustio & Elizabeth Leiba connect you with some of the most complicated topics in Education today. Along with Producer Elvin Freytes, The EdUp Experience team brings over 60 years of experience in higher education, and you will feel refreshed, upskilled, and reskilled after listening!”

The original hosts had never met before connecting on LinkedIn. They started the podcast in January 2020. The higher education-based podcast has already produced over 240+ episodes, releasing almost daily. 

Whereas other higher education podcasts are clearly linked to institutions looking to enroll listeners, The EdUp Experience was determined to avoid that and provide invaluable information in a non-boring way! Their goal is to “inspire and educate people to pursue a lifelong learning mindset no matter the path they choose.” 

Having three co-hosts share the duties keeps the show fresh. They sometimes interview university presidents, which is really useful if you are considering going back to school in the near future. The consistency, quality, and volume of episodes is also a strength of this podcast.


August 2021 Issue

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