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Delightful! Captivating! Host and narrator, Angela Ferrari, creates original stories and revisits classic ones, sometimes with a twist. Very engaging for young children.  Music, well-developed characters and surprising sound effects all capture the ear and imagination. And, original songs, too.

Meet ghosts, fairies, leprechauns, insects, seahorses, and creatures great and small.. Charming new tales written by host Angie surprise and enchant. Although no target age group is suggested, it seems a sure thing that most folks up to six or so could easily want to make listening a happy habit. Toddlers, for sure!

Angie’s creativity is evident in every episode: there’s something or someone new to meet. According to the more than 360 reviews on Apple Podcasts, children are entranced and listen repeatedly. Love the podcast space for setting imagination in motion in limitless ways for kids!

Voices that bring characters to life, and songs that add so much to the stories are great additions. Using a general speaking voice that engages children without a condescending cadence can be difficult to achieve. With all the creativity shown in Story Spectacular, not finding a way to incorporate the opening ad into the charm of the podcast was a missed opportunity.

Old-fashioned story-telling returns in charming ways on Story Spectacular. Uplifting entertainment that stimulates thinking and personal development for little people is an art form. Great job, Angie!


July 2020 Issue

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