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Parenting teens? Preparing for young adulthood and empty nests? It can all make you break into a cold sweat, your head spinning as you look for a safe place to land, can’t it? No worries… cohosts Terri Mauro, Catherine Holecko, and Nicole Eredics know what you’re going through, and they’re on it with fast-moving conversations filled with old complaints, new ideas, emerging issues, and a good dose of commiseration.

These cohosts (and writers about parenting) pull up a chair and chat about what may be worrying you, making your eyes roll, or keeping you up at night. Moms of teens and young adults, they know—and they share their own angst and experiences, too. 


As new teen-related issues emerge with nuances you couldn’t have imagined, these three dive into the joys, pitfalls, and perils of it all five days a week. And they always keep it real.

Light and humorous, serious and empathetic, the Parenting Roundabout Podcast is filled with insights and support for maintaining your sanity, addressing important issues, meeting tough challenges, and preparing for an empty nest. 


Consider these ladies great companions when it all seems wonderfully too much and a little crazymaking!


From general topics to help you and your kids survive, alive and intact, to very specific topics that make you second-guess yourself, enjoy this bite-sized, commute-length podcast. If you have teens, you’ll no doubt feel heard and seen as you wonder if Terri, Catherine, and Nicole can read your mind.

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