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Pregnant and realizing you may be a bit short on parenting instinct? 

Know you may not have had great parenting models in your life, and want to do better?

Pulling your hair out wondering why no one warned you about the perils and pitfalls of parenting?

You’re going to be so glad you found Your Parenting Mojo with host Jan Lumenlan! 

Having felt a little daunted by impending motherhood, Jan decided to play to her strength: 

“Having a daughter, I think, was the ultimate catalyst. I basically realized that I had no parenting instinct whatsoever, but I DID have really good research skills. And I could use those skills to bridge the gap.” 

Recognizing similar needs in other parents and parents-to-be, Jan wanted to provide relief and reassurance along with big doses of parenting reality. Voila! Her podcast was born, bringing in-depth, practical, and important insights, strategies, and support to uncertain parents wanting to do the best for their kids.

Your Parenting Mojo is a rich, interesting, down-to-earth translation of research into reality. It makes the latest parenting discoveries immediately practical to your daily parenting experience.

Internet savvy, Jan recognized the surplus of fear-mongering clickbait aimed at parents. You know… the stuff you don’t ask for that floods your inbox as soon as you look up a phrase like, “my child is sick.” Not only do you get tons of unwanted emails, but Google seems to read your mind, and bam! Every page you look at thereafter contains ads for anything and everything child related. Too much!

What can you believe? Who do you believe? How do you decipher the worthwhile messages from the worthless marketing? Who’s pushing what and why? 

Jan is familiar with the struggle:

“Even when people reported on a reliable study, they would just give you the results of that study, without any sense of how it fit into the complete body of research on a topic. Does this confirm what we already knew? Or does it go completely against what we already knew? I just had no idea. How does this become useful in my quest to give my daughter the best parenting possible?”  

Not one to leave stones unturned, Jan went back to school to obtain a master’s in psychology focused on child development. And she didn’t stop there. She returned for a master’s in education, too. 

“I realized that I needed a framework to put around [my education] to ensure I wasn’t missing anything important. And in the process of doing that, I thought, I’m learning so much! It’s really crazy not to share it all with other people. I started the podcast really just as a way of sharing what I was learning through the psychology degree.”

Every episode of Your Parenting Mojo gives you gold. Jan says she’ll often read thirty articles to produce one quality show. No wonder each podcast episode is so rich with content!

No topic is off limits, including “Only Children: Are They As Bad As Advertised?” to “How To Help A Child Overcome Anxiety” and everything in between. Got a sensitive child who is awash in tears? A gender-creative kid who triggers your fears? Wonder how to address racism? Want to know what to do with a three-year-old throwing a hissy fit in the supermarket before it happens… again? 

Jan’s got you covered. 

Recognizing the vast issues facing children and their parents, Jan seeks out thought leaders like Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum on racism, and Dr. Bernard Dreyer, past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics on general and best practices to feature as guests on her show. Her expert guests speak to the credibility of the show, furthering its authority and providing clear guidance in their niches. 

Your Parenting Mojo is delivered at a digestible pace: one new episode every other Sunday. Of course, the archives provide busy and/or overwhelmed parents with searchable episodes to answer pressing questions. With 106 episodes, listeners have an instant resource to turn to when a parenting problem keeps them up at night.

Parenting can be scary, especially if you’ve had poor role models, or you’ve suffered from neglect or lack of validation in your own upbringing. Luckily, Jan realized that help is all around for those wishing to augment their parenting instincts.

It’s impossible to know everything about a huge subject like parenting. Seeking help, whether from a trusted friend or a podcast host who’s done her homework, is a sign of strength, not an admission of lack! So why not seek support on your journey to feeling confident about your choices?

Your DNA really doesn’t matter; good parenting is a learned skill. 

Your Parenting Mojo shortcuts your journey through the tough spots, and those requiring a pro-active approach. 

Shore up your experience with the knowledge and insight you’ll find in this podcast—designed to help you be the best parent possible.

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