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Under The Radar: Non-profit Lowdown

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One of the hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the nonprofit sector. Fundraising is a staple in the nonprofit community, but right now, it has all but come to a halt.

In Episode 80 of the Nonprofit Lowdown, host Rhea Wong discusses the topic of fundraising in a crisis—and what nonprofits can do—with Kara Logan Berlin. 

For example, Berlin suggests that nonprofits get on the phone and call all their donors to simply ask how they are doing. Reminding us that fundraising is relationship-building, what better time to reinforce you care and strengthen those relationships than right now? Most people aren’t doing that, so it’s also a chance to for you to stand out. 

Another suggestion she gave was to let your donors know that, even if they can’t pay for your services, you can still help them. When they have the money, they can pay you. 

Third, she suggested now is a great time to recheck your priorities as a nonprofit. If you need to cut certain positions, take a long hard look at doing so, along with what needs to be done to streamline your processes. 

Wong ended the program by stating, “An economic virus the size of an asteroid has hit us.” Truth—but it doesn’t have to define us… especially nonprofits.

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