Under The Radar: Completely Unnecessary Podcast

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How can a podcast with a name like this NOT be entertaining and fun? Pat Contri and Ian Ferguson host this unique “all things video games” show, bouncing between topics like retro and current games, news, and the “odd and unusual” … like weird Christmas returns at game stores, the Fortnite Youtuber banned from the game for cheating, and the reporting of a sealed Super Mario Brothers game sold on the television show Pawn Stars. (Who knew?)

Many of the games they review, discuss, and debate are retro, which inspires the listener to take a lovely stroll down Memory Lane as memories of evenings spent at Arcades with pockets full of quarters come flooding back. Scrolling through the archives will bring you right back to the days of the original PlayStation, GameCube, and even further.  

When you listen in, you get the sense these two have known one another for a long time. They don’t always agree, and sometimes, the rabbit holes they go down are dead ends. But don’t let that fool you; the show has a huge following in the traditional podcast arena and 242K followers on YouTube! 

Launched in 2013, there are currently over 200 episodes recorded with new shows released every two weeks (on average). 

Check it out, if you’re ready to laugh, curse, and scoff at and with Pat and Ian … but mostly, just get ready to enjoy! 

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