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I’m not even a video game person, and I love this podcast! My idea of a fun time is getting creamed by my son in Mario Kart (Rainbow Road is just hard!). I’m also an auditory person—I don’t care for the screaming and loud noises that seem prevalent in video game podcasts. Nintendo Addiction is not only a great, fun, quick podcast to listen to, but hosts Zac Rogers and Dave Meese have great “radio” voices, too! 

They’ve taken a popular Instagram page, Nintendo.Addiction, and turned it into a podcast. The 25 episodes average about 25-30 minutes in length. The time is short, but it’s packed full. Many episodes feature guest interviews and typically cover a specific Nintendo topic. 

While the podcast has much going for it, it’s a very specific podcast for a very specific audience—Nintendo users. (And that is the only reason for the four-star mic rating!) 

The other interesting tidbit about the podcast is the use of Instagram and Tik Tok. Zac and Dave have a large Instagram following, and they drive listeners to their social sites for input, contests, surveys, and more. The opposite is also true—they drive their almost 80K followers on Instagram to the podcast. It’s a great marriage of social and audio working together to bring content to their loyal audience. 

Highly recommended listening! 

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