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We all know it’s a “dog eat dog” world in business… or is it?  Does it really require the aggression of an MMA fighter, and disconnected emotionless logic of a computer to build a profitable business?

Lisa Benavidez and her guests on the “Nice Girl CEO Podcast” beg to differ with that traditional wisdom.  And they’re ready to prove it.  #GirlBoss style.

And nothing’s off the table in Lisa’s candid conversations with listeners.  From struggles with confidence and authenticity, to how to really get visible and grow an engaged following – it’s all about simple action steps that move listeners forward in business.  What I most love about this podcast is the theme of bravely and confidently doing business your own way.

With a background in business strategy, events management and social media visibility, Lisa brings a depth of experience to each topic with plenty of real world examples.

Another plus – episodes range from just a few minutes (yes, really!) to a half hour or so long, making them easy to fit into your busy day. 

Bottom line: this podcast is a refreshing breeze in the often stodgy and stale world of business advice.  Give it a listen!

P.S.  May I suggest you take a listen to “Being Selfish the Healthy Way” or “Balancing it All” for practical ideas to survive whatever the rest of 2020 has in store for us?  


October 2020 Issue

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