(Some ideas) Discovering That We’re More Alike than We Are Different Getting Comfortable with Discomfort

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Starting my podcast was a natural progression for me. I have both a TV & Radio Show, so as my numbers on my shows, Talking Business with Beverly, started growing, my Executive Producer felt it was time to add the podcast. My guest and community wanted to be able to listen to the episodes whenever they wanted to versus trying to catch them when they on TV or radio. So I said okay and pulled the trigger. It was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made! 

My Podcast, Talking Business with Beverly, is for the entrepreneur who doesn’t want all the fluff…I’m known as the “Toe Stepper”. Plus, my Christian Faith is very important to me, so it is a part of my show as well.

As an entrepreneur, time is something VERY valuable to us. So I ensure that my guests give the listeners the information needed to create time and financial freedom, because face it, that is what we went into business to have. Since I believe in a holistic approach to entrepreneurship, we not only address your business needs, but also your mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial needs as well!

Some of my favorite episodes are the ones where we get real and raw about the road to entrepreneurship. If you go by what you see on social media, everyone earns 7-figures in 7 days and sips champagne on the beach while they wait for their private jet to take them to do a photo shoot by the Eiffel Tower! LOL. What we don’t always see are the 5, 10, or even 20 years it takes some of us to get there. I love  when my guests share how the road to get to where they are now was not a straight path. Very rarely what we are doing 5 , 10, or even 20 years later looks like where we started. I think it’s important for other entrepreneurs to know that there are pivots and twists along the way and that it’s OKAY!

What’s your overall goal for your podcast?  How does it fit into your overall mission?

My overall goal for my podcast is to empower female entrepreneurs to build generational wealth by using their businesses as one of the vehicles. I want my guests to have a space where they can share their journey and their expertise and for the listeners to know that they don’t have to take this journey by themselves. This is completely in alignment with my overall mission which is to equip female entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create the life they want…they can truly have it all. 

What’s one thing no one would expect about you/your podcast?

One thing no one would expect about me is that I’m truly an introvert and prefer to be curled up on the couch reading a good book. I’ve spent my entire career in the front (Teacher, Corporate Trainer, and TV Show Host) but if I had a choice, I would be behind the scenes! LOL

What’s the most interesting feedback you’ve had about the podcast?

The most interesting feedback I’ve gotten from guests on my podcast is that it didn’t feel like an interview, but a conversation. They felt as if we were two girlfriends sitting on the couch chatting away. The most interesting feedback I’ve gotten from listeners is that it gave them permission to be who they are and to run their business on their terms….not by what others said they had to do. 

What’s been your favorite result of hosting the podcast?

My absolute favorite result of hosting my podcast has been the amazing entrepreneurs I’ve been able to connect with. Hearing their stories and seeing how much we as humans have in common is so refreshing. In a world where people’s differences are often talked about, it’s great to know that we are more similar than we are different. 

What are your three favorite podcasts (other than yours) to listen to?

My favorite 3 podcasts to listen to are 

What else should we ask/know?  Anything specific you’d like to share?

As entrepreneurs, now more than ever, it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s okay if you get knocked down, just don’t stay there. I heard a coach, Maru, say this and it has stuck with me ever since: Take that leap WITH faith and trust that the person you will become will catch it. You can create the type of business, and life, you want. It starts with you DECIDING that you can. Then, taking ACTION toward doing so. So, get on out there and have fun…you got this!


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