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Under The Radar: Marriage is Funny

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Believe it or not, marriage podcasts are rarer than you think. Why? How hard is it to jump on a microphone and talk about marriage? 

Based on my own weekly experience doing so with my wife, I can tell you it’s actually pretty challenging. You can’t just talk about the good, fun stuff. You need to talk about the deep, painful, fearful, and messy stuff, too. 

As a podcast host, you are free to talk about whatever you choose. Our philosophy is that you are an authority and must set your mind and intentions around that. Subsequently, your content must reflect that. When people seek out educational podcasts, it’s the host’s responsibility to give their best from the scars, not the open wound. 

That’s why I really like the Marriage Is Funny podcast. Gerard and Jessie Pepper do a great job of talking deeply about their experiences in their marriage as well as the ways they have overcome challenges. I have listened to a lot of marriage podcasts, and honestly, most of them are, in my opinion, outlets for the hosts to hear themselves talk about themselves. This one, however, is fun and upbeat, and the hosts play off each other well. Most importantly, the content, sound, and pace are really easy to follow even though they do go deep with their topics. 

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