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Making The Impact is a highly niche-based show in the Dance Competition industry that really shines in its clarity of intention with its subject matter as well as intended audience. 

Launched in October 2019 just before the pandemic, it’s hosted by Courtney Ortiz, founder of Impact Dance Adjudicators and her co-host Lesley Mealor. Intended as an extension of the brand—which was created to provide pre-screened, IDA-educated Adjudicators for dance competitions nationwide across a range of dance styles—this podcast is packed with episode after episode (89 at this writing) filled with information about the dance competition world.

Very professionally produced with excellent sound quality, Making The Impact is now in its third season and has covered topics including budgeting for competitive dance with dance moms, music at competitions, dance conventions, studio spotlights, dance in college, working with props, and of course, PLENTY of insight into how judges are actually adjudicating the performers. There are spotlight feature interviews with choreographers, dance educators, professional dancers, and even the Guinness Book of World Records holder for “the most consecutive pirouettes (55) Sophia Lucia.” 

For anyone with a child who dreams of dancing in any style and entering into competitions to hone their craft, this show is a MUST LISTEN to get deep insider information and practical guidance for the journey.


January 2022 Issue

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