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The Ladies, First podcast, hosted by Natalie Gonnella-Platts, was broadcast for just one season in 2018, but what a season it was. This microcast, which features mini, ten-minute episodes or less, provides an informative and entertaining look at our first ladies’ legacies and how their leadership has shaped our nation and the international community.

Gonnella-Platts is the Director of the Women’s Initiative for the George W. Bush Institute. In this role, she is responsible for research and programmatic efforts that support women and girls worldwide to lead in their communities and countries.

This podcast shows that there is so much more to the elite sorority of first ladies than fashion and state dinners. Episode 11 introduces you to Former First Lady Julia Gardiner Tyler, who was just 24 years old when she married tenth President John Tyler, then 54 years old. There was much talk about their 30-year age difference, but she quickly became the darling of the capital and “reigned” as First Lady for the last eight months of her husband’s term.

In episode 10, the listener is introduced to Clementine Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill remains one of the most well-known world leaders, but few realize the impact his wife had on his political career. Clementine both tamed and empowered the “British Bulldog.”

This is a very entertaining, informative, and well-produced podcast. I highly recommend it!


September 2021 Issue

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